365 days of blogging – a challenge you’ve overcome

I know I know.. I’ve missed a few days. Bank holiday at work has killed me so have a triple post.

A challenge you’ve overcome

I have overcome many challenges in the recent years. From challenges being a parent and challenges with my mental health. The main challenge I’ve overcome is self love.

A few years ago I would be popping back diet pills and restricting my calories or measuring out orange juice and looking at myself in the mirror concerned about how people looked at me. I hated the way I looked, from the colour of my hair to the size of my jeans. I was constantly changing my appearance and the way I dressed and hiding under big clothes to mask how I felt underneath. This was a tiresome time in my life. I masked how I felt by being a social butterfly by evening and sleeping my days away. Working and earning just to pay my rent and party with my friends. I tried to forget how I felt in the best way, but it would come back to bite me when I was feeling at my lowest.

After I started my family I buckled down and decided to look after myself and that’s when my whole perspective changed. I’m a mother, I have so many battle scars and they all tell stories. I have stretch marks which show what I went through having my beautiful babies and now I couldn’t be more proud of how I am and the way I look. I’m not 100% happy with the weight that I am but I’ve come to love my body for what it’s been through and the incredible children it’s given me. Nothing matters more to me than the love and happiness of my beautiful family. No amount of weight I loose will even come close to that. I am happy, healthy and enjoying every moment. That’s the self love I have come to appreciate, not the worrying I used to feel everyday I woke up.

KT ♥️