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365 days of blogging – One thing you learnt about yourself last year

I feel that I learn more about myself every single day.

One thing you learnt about yourself last year

Last year was what I would describe as an overwhelming and incredible shit show. The most amazing thing came into my life last year and that was my third little boy. But apart from that I had illness after illness, stints in hospital and a few more other dramas that I don’t wish to even bring up.

As you guys are well aware I suffer from acute bipolar disorder, panic disorder and severe anxiety. Every day is a struggle and every day is also a milestone I’ve overcome. Way I learnt about myself last year is that I can win this. I won’t ever get completely better and I’ve come to terms with that but i know that every bad day can’t get any worse and I can always wake up and realise that I won the darkest battles.

I am not worthless, I’m not a burden and I’m not lost. I’m a good mum and a great friend, daughter and fiancé. I pride myself on the fact that I thrive off company and other people’s personalities. So learning this about myself has made me stronger than I have ever been. I will fight the fight. It’s okay to not be okay.

KT ♥️