Mental Health

Life’s too short, especially in lockdown.

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First of all I want to start this post with wishing you all safety, health and happiness during this confusing and stressful time. Everything and everyone are unsettled, uneasy and in need of a lot of support at the moment. Whether that be over the phone, through messenger apps or video calls. You can all be there in spirit to keep each other positive.

I’ve had over a week now of sitting in my kitchen, staring out the window at the beautiful sunshine and wishing to be in a pub garden with my nearest and dearest enjoying the first moments of spring. Unfortunately in the grand scheme of things this probably won’t happen for a while. Coming to terms with this is a seriously surreal experience. Watching the streets clear out of people, kids not playing outside, the elderly walking to the shops, kids in school uniforms, life is slowing making a complete standstill infront of our eyes and i guarantee that no one thought this would happen in our lifetime.

We talk about history at school, learn about world wars and the bubonic plague. We learn about the Declaration of Independence and the battle of Hastings but in retrospect you know it happened but you didn’t live these moments. We are currently living a piece of history that our children’s children will learn about in schools. We are currently living the sad, scary and uneasy existence that our ancestors before us lived through. The difference is, this is an invisible killer.

This lead me to think about a few things. Nothing in life is permanent. Absolutely nothing. All those plans you had for the next few months, concerts, holidays, birthdays, parties, marathons.. all in the blink of an eye have gone. Everything you so desperately clutched on hoping this wouldn’t effect is being stopped within days of each announcement from our prime minister.

Suffering with mental health issues, spending time with my family and friends is a massive support blanket for me, as it must be for many others. I haven’t seen my mum in weeks, my best friends are in different towns and across the country and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it. the physical presence of a person is something that keeps me going and is extremely hard to adjust to, I’m surrounded by my kids which I wouldn’t change for the world, but being a parent in this kind of situation can be just as lonely as living in your own.

The point of this today was to explain to you that I hope this makes people realise just how short life really is. Those relationships that were blossoming before you had lockdown are now forced apart, people who are together and planning the rest of their lives are living in separate houses. The women having children is the next few weeks are going to spend the first few months with no one to cuddle or welcome their newborn baby. Everything that we do that doesn’t even seem trivial is now completely out of our reach and it’s so sad.

Knowing that if people pull together and actually listen is the only thing that’s keeping me going. we will get through this as soon as physically possible. You’ll see your friends in no time, you’ll have that time with your family, celebrate late birthdays and finally get out in that pub garden for a nice cold pint in the sunshine. I urge people to please listen to the social distancing and isolation rules and stay inside. This is the first time in a lifetime that you’ve been asked to sit down and do nothing to save lives. Literally like a lazy superhero!

Look, life’s too short. Send that first text, tell that person how much you care, let people know you miss them. Send your favourite songs to people, experience new things together even though your miles apart. We only get one chance at this and the way you thought before might completely change in the coming weeks. The relationships you’re too scared to start, might be just what you need. The friends you’ve been distanced from might rekindle into something amazing.

You meet people in your life that are there for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Here’s your chance to find out exactly whose there for you in spirit, over the phone or through a message. The ones that are there for you even when you can’t see them.

“If I knew this was going to happen, I would have hugged you a little tighter the last time I saw you.”

Stay safe, stay home.