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Coronavirus anxiety real talk.

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So you know that crippling anxiety that you are all currently feeling due to the killer virus that’s tearing through the country? Welcome to a day in the life of someone who has had this for what feels like a lifetime.

Im writing this to tell you that I know exactly how your feeling. How your preparing for the world to end and thinking up scenarios in your head, looking at the ones you love just a little longer because your irrational fear of death is now for front in your mind, stockpiling because apparently having 476 toilet rolls and a truck full of pasta is going to save your life? I get it okay. I get why! But you need to step back and think for a second becaus I dunno if you realise, everyone is now thinking the same as you.

If you’ve been diagnosed with any type of anxiety disorder then you will have already thought these scenarios up years ago. (Maybe not the lack of toilet roll but that’s by the by) we’ve already prepared a complete run down of how we would cope with the end of the world because when you have this level of anxiety rippling through your mind on a daily basis, every single day feels like the end of the world.

I started watching the walking dead when it first started and back then I kick started my apocalypse itinerary and what I would do if anything like that was to ever happen. If overthinking was a sport I’d honestly be front running for a gold medal. I can tell you now it did not include taking anything I possibly could off the shelves and panic about now being able to wipe my arse on the daily.

I get it I really do. This kinda thing is absolutely terrifying to some, well probably most but if you’re kind to each other and help out where it’s needed then we will get through this. Keep yourselves away from places that could cause you to be exposed and please for the love of god leave that extra food you don’t need on the shelves for the people that so desperately need it. I’ve seen women breaking down in tears because they can’t get milk for their newborn babies, older generations of people stand confused in the aisles wondering what they could make out of the few bashed up tins left that no one wanted.

I went to Tesco’s and was in complete panic myself. Not just because the fear of not being able to feed my children but the sheer disgusting behaviour of fully grown adults rushing around with trolleys packed full and nearly knocking my three year old to the ground. Never have I ever had to grip my little boy so tight in fear he’s going to be taken out by some selfish humans trolley tearing through trying to beat someone less fortunate to get the last can of heinz beans.

News flash, we won’t get through this if that’s the attitude that the public have. I am in no way shaming people who are worrying, I am honestly in the exact same position but please take a minute to think about the others around you who are feeling the EXACT same.

No one knows what’s going to happen. Whether we go into full blown lockdown of the country, schools close or we carry on and just see what happens. All I can ask of you is to please think of the people around you. The ones panicking about feeling their children, their grandparents who are currently stuck in self isolation. The pregnant women who aren’t allowed out in public and those with underlying issues who are scared that if they catch a cough it’s end game.

Give them the extra can you have in your trolley. Those wipes you’ve picked up that a new parent needs when you have 5 packs at home. The tins of soup you could so easily give to the old lady trying to keep it together in the episode of supermarket sweep she just walked into. Be kind, be as generous as you can and please just help where it’s possible.

Also, do me a favour and support your local businesses. The small ones that will be effected so much during this worrying time. Look after your friends who work for the NHS, the heroes that are breaking their backs to work around the clock and help the country. Give them a little extra love because they will need that support in this time of absolute chaos. Don’t clog up the phone to the emergency services because people are going to need them in a life or death situation. Use the 111 online services for the coronavirus, think of your friends and family who work in hospitality. The ones who are scared they will be laid off at any given moment because Boris told people to stop having a cheeky pint after work. Don’t be a prick to that poor girl on the supermarket checkout because there wasn’t a bottle of Dettol left for you. It’s not her damn fault okay? Just about anyone is effected in this whether it’s lack of work or complete overload so just be mindful to those around you. We are all suffering enough.

Having anxiety is troubling for sufferers at the best of times and a world pandemic isn’t going to make it any easier. We’ve been doing this for years. Every day feels like your last when you’re having severe panic attacks. It’s horrific to feel worthless and lonely, like you can’t survive the day if you leave the house. Especially now we are being told to stay at home, the perfect setting to overthink. It’s awful to worry constantly about your loved ones because something might happen to them. Especially when the entire world is walking straight into the unknown. So yeah, welcome to a day in the life of us.

You’ve got this. We’ve got this. We can beat this. Oh yeah and don’t forget to sing happy birthday when you wash your hands.


P.S. anyone wants my apocalypse contingency plan hit me up I’m willing to share. 🤙🏻