My best day last week

Let me tell you about my best day last week.

Many days can turn into the best days you’ve had as long as you climb into bed afterwards and feel content about life, happy and also positive about how your feeling. I’ve had many a good day, especially recently. Recent turn of events and decisions have made me drastically think about why I’m getting myself down about little trivial issues when I could be just enjoying myself, my time and living life to the fullest with the people around me.

Last Sunday was probably up there as my favourite day last week. I woke up to a call from my very hungover friend saying she was on her way, we spoke about her antics from the night before and I told her my troubles and how I was feeling. The fact I cried to myself in my kitchen, talking to my grandma and having a glass of wine with her. Realising that even though I was on my own, she will always be there by my side. I told her about situations and conversations I’d be having, Let’s just call them “bits”, my life, dramas and anything in between. it was nice, refreshing and down right incredible to talk everything through. We laughed, we cried, we joked about everything and anything and we just enjoyed each other’s company like girls should.

This was closely followed by two of my other girls turning up. We danced, sang, drank coffee and laughed until our sides were hurting. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that free, that happy and that comfortable around people. The real me was on her A game, happy to be finally let out from the deep depression that had consumed every party of my own, Quirky and damn right weird personality. These three girls are amoungst my very close girl gang, the ones that lift me up when I’m down and are there to pick up the pieces of my broken soul and put them back together. It’s days, well mornings like this that I’m forever thankful for.

We sat with the kids, had more than one to many laughs and it was just bliss to spend time with everyone after such a long time. My boys were happy, loving and enjoying themselves which to me is hitting the jackpot. I couldn’t, and wouldn’t need anything else in my life apart from the smiles on those three faces and to see them safe and cared for.

This is why I treasure the girl gang that I have. There isn’t many people I would class as close as I do these, they are everything I could possible need and so much more and I would be here writing a novel for the amount of thank yous they deserve.

The rest of the day was spent playing games, watching films and enjoying Sunday’s the way they should. Me, my children and the friends I call dear.

So, tell me about your best day last week? Tell me what made you smile, what made you life your spirits and what memories you’ve made that will last a lifetime. We are lucky for days like these. Treasure ever part of them and remember, even after the worst days you will always be gifted with one like this.

KT. ♥️