What are your personal gifts?

What are your personal gifts?

I have the gift of the gab, that’s what my grandma always used to tell me. She used to say I could sell ice to an Eskimo with this gift. Works kind well I supposed with my career. I always thought being too chatty was a bit of a burden but it turns out that it’s worked in my favour.

I’m very passionate about what I speak, always have been. I also wear my heart in my sleeve and because of this I use my gift to give advice. I have a sharp tongue and I don’t beat around the bush. If you want advice I won’t sugar coat it for you. I’ll give it to you straight because I feel otherwise I would have let someone down by trying to promise them the worlds a better place when it’s clearly not.

This gift I hope I pass down to my children. Talk the talk, believe in yourself and your passions, and charm the socks off everyone you meet. Well, hopefully my three gorgeous boys will be able to do the last one a lot better than me.