Mental Health

A mistake that helped you to grow.

I don’t like talking about things like this. It brings back sour memories but I have grown because of my past years into the woman I am today so it can’t all be that bad. I’m going to write this as if I’m speaking it. It makes so much more sense that way.

A mistake that helped you to grow.

I made the mistake to let you go.

To let you move on and grow. I made the mistake to not tell you how much I cared, despite all your flaws and imperfections.

You were who I turned to at night at 3am when I couldn’t sleep or who I would call for late breakfasts on a weekday when everyone else was working.

What you did for me was the most and I can’t thank you enough. What I did for you I will never know.

My mistake was not realising what was sat in front of me. An incredible friend who I had to say goodbye to, to help us both grow.

And still after all this time, always, I’ll thank you and treasure the memories we had. I realised how happy I was then, but we are both even happier now.

KT ♥️