365 days of blogging – a place you have been recently.

This post comes at completely the wrong time. I kinda wish this one would be more towards the end of next month as I am actually going somewhere. Not just local. Oh well, this is the beauty of this challenge. You get put completely on the spot.

A place you have been recently

Lately I have been really into exploring woodlands. There is a place near me that is perfect for it. I took all my boys there at the start of the school holidays to explore and find the waterfall. I feel peaceful when I’m at one with nature. It’s quiet and untouched, there’s families walking their dogs and playing on bikes and there’s plenty of places to get completely lost without a care in the world.

My eldest found a stone that had been decorated by another child. I’m not quiet sure what this is all about but I am planning to look it up so we can decorate some of our own and hide them in the woods so people can do the same. The one he found was covered in little gems and to say he was over the moon to find it would be an understatement.

Baring in mind I have three children under 5, meaning one in a buggy, it wasn’t the easiest of treks to go on but we got muddy, climbed trees and made memories.

You don’t need to go a million miles away to enjoy what’s around you. Look into what is sitting right on your doorstep and enjoy your local surroundings. You might just be pleasantly surprised.

KT ♥️