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365 days of blogging – what are your top three priorities?

This may be obvious to some, but not to others.

What are your top three priorities?

1. Above all, my main priority is to make sure my children lead a happy and healthy life. To make sure they are looked after and brought up in a way that would make anyone proud. I am lucky to be blessed with three adorable and (seemingly) well behaved children. Don’t get me wrong, they gave their moments like all children do but beyond that they are good boys. They are polite and have manners and listen (sometimes) to what their parents have to say. I want the best life for my boys. I work hard to give them everything they need and I hope that when they are old enough to understand they will be greatful for the way they are raised and will pass it on to their children if they have any.

2. After completing my family I am not career focused. This is both within my main job, which I absolutely adore, and my social networking business which runs alongside my YouTube channel. People may think I’m crazy, taking on this much work but I absolutely love it. It takes up my time and makes it worth it. I spend my days editing videos and watching my analytics and my evenings serving my regulars pints in the bar. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

3. My last priority (of this particular post) is that I want to focus on my self love. I need to work on loving myself and my body for what it is after children and my mental health for what it is and not what it could be. I have changed my lifestyle and I eat somewhat healthier than I used to now, I haven’t skipped taking my meds because “I felt the need to” in months and I’m slowly coming to terms with who I am compared to who I used to be. I will never be the girl I was all those years ago, sadly because my mental health has taken too much of a decline for that and also I have children and an entirely different life now. But this doesn’t mean I can’t learn to love the woman I’ve become. Stretch marks, saggy tummy and too many sides of my personality to mention, I am who I am and I love that even through all my unique flaws.

My only advice to you is don’t look behind on what you used to be, look for the future and be excited on what’s to come. That’s what I base my priorities on now.