365 days of blogging – A trip you want to take this year.

This one makes me happy. Talking about trips, holidays and adventures is my favourite kind. Planning for the future gives you so much more to look forward to.

A trip you want to take this year.

For years and years me and my friends have spoken about going on holiday together. You know the score, you get excited, google the shit out of places to go, mentally prepare yourself for a bikini diet, start a group chat and get lost in notification after notification of all the girls getting so excited and sending holiday screenshots of places and prices. Annnnnnnnnd… nothing. Haha

Now this isn’t anything at fault with the people you plan with, it’s just that things get in the way. By things I mean life, works, kids, anything really. It’s such a lovely pipe dream, this year I want to make it come true.

I have been researching loads of cheap holiday options and where I live you can get hold of vouchers in newspapers to book cheap holidays. Now this isn’t anything spectacular, like Bali or Maldives, it’s a couple of days away in a holiday home surrounded by the people I love. All I ask for is sunshine, ice cream, bbqs on the decking, amazing memories for my kids uand a whole lot of love from the people that mean the most.

P.s. this is getting booked end of this month. For real this time. 🏖

KT ♥️