365 days of blogging – what needs to happen this month?

So day two is also a pretty vague one. Seeing as a lot always needs to happen for necessities. But I’ll look at this from a perspective of what I would like to happen.

What needs to happen this month?

There’s a fine line between what your heart and head wants and needs. This is something I go through on a daily basis but it’s also a bit of a burden. If I was asked to choose (which technically I have) then here it goes.

  • I want to make sure I get my wedding invites designed, ordered and processed. Weddings are a lot to organise, as I’m sure many of you who have been in the same situation will understand. So my goal for this month is to get them sorted and out to my family and friends in the next few months. This will probably mean a trip of endless driving around to various houses and playing postman. Good thing about that is my kids love going out for a drive in the car so shouldn’t be that bad of a thing.
  • I want to progress on my work training. This is something I started a few years back but through various issues and also having my last baby I have had to put the whole thing off. Now being back at work I have slowly come to realise why I love my job and can’t wait to progress on the employment ladder. This may take some time but even if I just get started this month I know I’ll slowly be making my way to the goals I once set years ago.
  • Last but not least is a very important one. I want to my family are living the best life they can. Being on maternity leave meant I was living very carefully pay check to pay check. Have the freedom of going back to work has meant that I can earn more money to support my little ones and treat them to nice things when I can. Even just being able to go out a drive to a new place and go for walks still costs in fuel and I’m lucky to be able to do this more and more now. So as I continue to pack in the hours I can, I can spend more time with my children without worrying. Don’t get me wrong I’m not swimming in money by all means, just alive and happy.

So there we go folks, a three point list on what I want to happen this month. I’m already enjoying this so looking forward to continuing. What are your three things that need to happen? Share it in the comments I would love to know!

KT ♥️