Hello it’s me 👋🏻

Hi guys! Sorry I’ve been quiet. I’ve been making my transition to YouTube and it’s been quite a journey! I never thought I had the confidence to get in front of a camera and record some videos. I have been thinking about this and planning what I want to do for years and I’m so excited I’ve finally taken the leap and just done it.

I was quite lucky in the fact I recorded my first ever video with a friend of mine who is already on YouTube. This meant I didn’t have to worry about how confident I was on my own and got a feel for it with company. That video is still yet to go up. Was supposed to be my first but i had to try and find a hardrive… long story.

I’ve had loads of people say to me that they want to start a channel. My advice would be just go for it and don’t worry. You don’t need the high tech equipment and editing software that all the bigger youtubers use just yet. There is so much time for you to grow first before you update your equipment. Here are a few pointers I’ve learnt in the first few weeks of my transistion.

Use what you have around you

This one is really simple really. Currently I’m using my DSLR (I have this as a present a few years back from family) my iPhone and natural lighting. The last two people will always have 99% of the time. Every smartphone out there has a camera that is good enough for you to record footage on and natural lighting is free! Winning!

Don’t worry too much about fancy editing software

You can get Final Cut Pro at the price tag of nearly £300.. but if you are just starting out, iMovie and windows movie maker will do the trick! They are simple and easy to use and you’ll be able to find tutorials on these online.

Be yourself

Dont change yourself for the fact your in front of a camera. People change and then once they get comfortable they relax into their own personalities and that’s when you will get people commenting on the difference. By all means be a more excitable version of yourself to keep people entertained and engaged but all those little quirks that make you who you are? Embrace them!

Don’t worry what others will think about you

This was my biggest worry. Having the anxiety and mental health issues I do I didn’t want people to pick holes and make fun of me. I sat down and thought about it, even if people are saying something bad, they are still talking about you! Don’t let your anxieties set you back because once you get your foot off the ground you will wander why on earth you didn’t start earlier. (Because I certainly am!)

Anyways. This is just a quick post from me today to just check in and tell you what’s been going on. Please come and check out my channel. It will mean the world to me if you could. Thank you so much.