Mental Health

The Little things..

There’s those little things in life that always make you smile. That first text when you wake up, little notes left from your other half or significant other, even just someone giving you a smile and a cuddle. When those things stop you realise just how much you miss them and that can hurt.

I love the little things. The way I used to wake up to something every morning to make me smile (and that normally was a half made cup of coffee and a freshly brewed kettle) or just that little kiss on the forehead or something just as cute. They can be what I live for if I’m completely honest. They keep me going when I’m down and pick me back up when I don’t think anything else can. There’s also the little things that your friends do for you. Just when they have a feeling your not happy and they get you your favourite things just to make you smile. Or you get that message “are you alright? Yes. Okay, just checking in” those are what really matters when it comes to happiness. And something that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

People often stop with the little things in life after a while. And that’s no fault of their own, it might just because they get so consumed by things that they forget or they get stuck in a cycle of life and loose time to think about what honestly makes people happy. But once those things stop that’s when you actually start to notice that they are what kept your connection alive in the first place. And that’s what I’m going to try and help you get back.

I always find that when someone is upset or down just sending a simple photo can brighten someone’s day. It may be a throwback moment of the two of you or in my case I send my girls pictures of my little man to give them a smile. Or even just a cute quote. Try it!

Offer to do something for them.
When you’re meeting, offer to pick something up from the shop? Or pick up a coffee on the way. Maybe even give them a lift somewhere if they are running late. Taking those few extra minutes out of your time could make someone feel better. And generosity costs nothing. 9 times out of 10 they will probably say they don’t need anything but you haven’t lost anything by asking.

Plan things.
Most people, if you’re anything like me, do the whole “I don’t mind what we do” thing when they plan to meet anyone. Well instead of getting stuck in that conversation, just organise instead. If it’s something small like meet for a coffee in town or go for lunch at a nice pub. Tell them the time and place and get there early and order their favourite coffee or grab a couple of starters. There’s no harm in spending a couple of extra quid if it’s going to make someone smile really is there?

Have a meaningful conversation.
Sometimes all someone needs is to sit down with the person that means the most to them and put the world to right. Just a small conversation or letting them rant till they are blue in the face could make the world of difference. It helps to grow as friends or partners and makes sure you still keep that honesty within you. I can be quite harsh sometimes when I try and help people in a situation but I’m always fair. Sometimes just someone to talk to is all that people need.

Tell them they are doing okay. 
A lot of people have worries and get anxious about the smallest things. Probably things that they won’t tell you because they believe they are inignificant or small. Just those simple words “you’re doing fine” can make the world of difference. No one knows what happens behind closed doors but in my experience I have seen people I am close to become are shell of their own existence because of someone or something and just being there and saying this might not help at the time but will do in the long run. You’re never going to be completely okay but the reassurance that even at your darkest times the people closest to you notice how well your coping keeps you going.

Checking in.

Sometimes something as small as just checking in on people will do the world of good. You never know what is going through anyones head on a daily basis, you just sending a little message or having that conversation on the phone could change the whole day for them.

There are hundreds of things you can do to make people smile. Keep in mind the little things when you are with your partner or friends. Or even family. And do something to make that person smile today.

There is one issue though..
You can’t make everyone happy. You’re not a jar of Nutella.”


Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unspla